Sunday, April 11, 2010


I see that number and think , of the things that has been done associated with it.The number of championships , the number of shots missed , the number of seconds left on the shot clock , waiting for you to make it , and most of all I see my last Sri Hartamas basketball jersey number.I feel sad at the same time , cause this will be my last chance to make an impact.

That impact that I've been hoping for ever since I picked up a ball.Just the sheer thought of making a game winning shot gives me goose bumps , but somehow I will make that game winning shot.I know Ian won't be there as part of our duo but I will be playing out there for everyone in Hartamas.

I will proudly wear that clown jersey and win every game.
I will make that game winning shot
WE will hold our heads high
WE will always remember the times we had during basketball seasons
and most of all
WE will be number one


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