Sunday, June 22, 2008


Spent the day before planning how the heaven's I was gonna actually get there lol :D turns out I went with Kamilo (Harris) Hakim & Darren..... Harris' dad is cool man belanja us watch 'The Incredible Hulk' GOLD CLASS, sent us from OU to Harris' house then to Athirah's party & suggested us to watch this movie about Hispanic gangsters in LA.Now we're talking in different accents HAHA.Thanks again uncle :D you rock esse . After the movie we walked around to look for what to get miss Athimo (I won't say what it was just in case she hasn't opened it) it's definitely a LOL kinda thing. Party was full of laughter, dancing, singing (obviously since its a karaoke/club) , drinking (Coke and Water only don't worry) and pool (Harris & I came back from 3 balls down one more great comeback as if Celtics' comeback from 24 points wasn't enough :D) had a great time haha check Athirah's facebook for pictures.

Lonely Boy.....out lah

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