Sunday, June 29, 2008

Week After Week

Okay the starting of the week was/is a blur to me except for Wednesday,Thursday,Friday, Saturday and finally today.

Wednesday= PE was once again a dull except for a very unfortunate Ash Li getting hit with a hockey ball.....she still was malas to take her meds on thursday hayiooh that girl ah.

Thursday= Stayed back for awhile till 2.30 it was still boring before that.

Friday=Highlight of the week REPORT CARD DAY (hayiooh) well my dad's reaction wasn't the worst la I'm still known as a goodie goodie in class haha only Yudish and James got a mouthful from their parents.

Saturday=Played basketball in the morning from 11 till 2.30 my free throws are getting better :) lul.

Sunday=Same as saturday but different time period (3.30 till 6.30)

Now I'm listening to music.

P.S. Tan Ash Li can sing very well hahahaha

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