Saturday, January 24, 2009

Gong Xi Fa Cai and Happy Holidays

I feel more different and alienated day by day especially in class. I'm never in one specific "group" always in the middle , with Yudish gone I don't have a person to talk to... not just empty conversation , more like one to one talk . He would always be there to snip comments about people but now theres no more , its not that I don't have friends its just different , form 3 was so much easier , being monitor is definitely not child's play . Things aren't easy at home either ... alot of changes to come , we'll see how everything comes to play .

Basketball tryouts weren't running around in a ball park either , Jerry over heard only two form 4's will make the cut , having said that chances of being the two are slim to none . My knee hasn't healed well too -_- I'm taking a break from basketball for a while 1-2 months at the least... well not playing seriously , won't mind helping people :D

Class is fine I suppose . Ian is still the same -_- acting like a monkey , trying to pull white hair . Alot of homework for the holidays , I'll get to that later today or tomorrow , finish that up and then its Ang Pau time.

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