Friday, August 14, 2009


"Doesn't bother you that he's so..." - Clark
"Different? If you really like someone you accept every part of them but you cant do that until their willing to share every part with you."-Lana
"I think people like Byron keeps parts of them hidden so they don't scare people away."-Clark
"If you wanna get close to someone you've gotta take that risk."-Lana
"What if that risk is too big to take?"-Clark
"Then you might miss out on something that's pretty amazing."-Lana

theirs sheer stupidity and sheer obviously-ness , thats both combined . If I had someone say that to me with a hidden meaning I'd jump at the opportunity and make my move already . Haih , TV shows make me so mad at times. Btw that was from Smallville not OneTreeHill :D


On another note.Watch the Cove ( ).You will be blown away.The things humans do make me sick , I knew they were happening but seeing it is another thing.Lets change PEOPLE, STOP CULLING.Read the articles and make yourself AWARE.Come on people , make a change

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