Tuesday, September 8, 2009


It's always that way
When you are sulking
I hide the things that are important to me
Because it is the same place each time
I'll try going there first today and waiting there for you

The seasons take the evening sun with them
The shadows spot me and stretch out longer...

You gazed at me with a surprised look on your face
You suddenly pouted and looked outside
You say, “Sorry”
So I say, “Well then, come over here
See, look, look
Our shadows are on top of each other…”

My umbrella crashes into yours so I can’t walk straight
You look at me like that and laughed

I’ll show you the same thing
I’ll pout in the same way…

You laugh so gently
This time, this space
It makes me want to cry
You’re the most precious thing
I pretend to pout
Without even waiting for you to say sorry to me
I kissed me gently…

From here on I’ll be a bit selfish
Is it okay for me to say this?
But only to me, okay?

You said it was too annoying
Because you weren’t being yourself
I wonder why I can’t say it?
“I love you…”
Just those few words?
I’d like to hear them sometimes
Today you and I
Added our names together
The day our love sprouted.

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