Thursday, April 23, 2009

CrapoMotionInMotion O.o WHAT YOU SAY?

I've just finished packing (or so I think) got all them weird things , including a blindfold (improvised using my OLD Taekwan-Do belt) , potatoes ._. , aluminium foil and all the toiletries LOL.

Surprising to say theres gonna be this "non Chinese basketball competition" which the team will be spearheaded by the unbelieveable dribbling of Fazlan :D , the Finess of Nadhil , the shooting of Azril , the shear WHITE-NESS of the Gui Lo=James Robinson and the Defensive dominance of me (MUAHAHAHHA) Pn Tan asked Fazlan to handle the names and stuff but he had to hand it down to me since he was busy with PRS . LOL . I was trilled I suppose to go around finding people who could at least dribble a ball besides those already mentioned .

I'm kinda "excited" for camp , hopefully I can sleep tonight . Oh anddd I'm really happy about Yudish's decision to organise something for me next week Saturday at his place lol . Arigato , Boss i've known for 10 years.

Nothing really comes to mind now , so Imma stop now . See you all when I get back : ) , wish me luck hahahha

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