Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Basketball Tryouts.

As you can see from the title , this is a post based on basketball (if you have no interest in my babling on the subject please feel free to press the X ) .

1st matter: Keefe Ong (Mr able body man number one) missing out , since he's at Australia. Without him we won't have a solid shot blocker in a paint. You all know that Jerry will never play defense =="

2nd : Will Kyle and Tong come out of their "tempurungs" and come to school to show us how much they've improved. Attitude and performance wise.

3rd: Will Gian Yiang come? haven't seen him for awhile. Not sure if he knows about it.

4th: Can my knees stand playing seriously ?

5th: How will we be separated by team? by form? by height? -_- 

6th : Will Swee come?

Those who I think can make the 15 man team (form 3's only) : 

Fazlan. (no brainer)
Ian. aka CKI.
Kyle. (if he's still the same player he was)
Tong. (if he's unselfish and intelligent)
Keefe. (if he was here)
Ai Lin. (haven't seen him play so we'll see)
Swee Rong.
Me too hopefully.

The 100% shoe ins (if they tryout that is):

Gian Yiang.
Chun Kit.
Kai Quan.
Kai Vern.

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