Friday, March 7, 2008

Girls With Low Self Esteem.

Yeah so i was watching Ellen DeGeneres & Queen Latifah was the guest.As a voluptuous woman herself was talking about being a good example to all those young girls out there.I have to say that i have a few friends (not mentioning) that have the insecurity of being fat,ugly & not popular.

I've said before that all of this things aren't important weird as it seems our generation thinks looks and popularity is all so important but the thing i don't understand is we're changing in our own ways as human beings so why would you give a shit about how you look?Will it make it easier for you to succeed i doubt it unless your gonna be a model (Anoreix bitches....) their billions of careers that pay better & is easier to do.So why are u cutting,vomiting yourselves? does it make u feel better?Never diet or do the things above to look better when who you are is the best.

Saturday 8th of March 2008 is international women's day so let's celebrate this day for women.All those knowable people such as mother Theresa,Eleanor Roosevelt,Amelia Earhart, etc etc weren't the best looking but they had an influential aura about them.Message to all those insecure GIRLS & GUYS your beautiful and great just the way you are never think otherwise.

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