Saturday, March 8, 2008

International Women's Day (8th March 2008)

In recognition with I.W.D. i would like to share this delightful poem (i think its a poem) with you all;

A Woman is a Woman Although
By Maria Rezende

A woman can be a skill
A rib or a defect.
A woman overflows the edges
Measures up
Eases the dissonance
She plays with the organ and rings the bell.
A woman can be a scream
A belly
A precipice.
A woman can be an abyss or a haven.
And she can be both
And she is.

So to all my girl-friends (notice the dash meaning pause in between) hope you have a good day don't ever be afraid to voice your concerns & step up to the formidable tasks that await.Women can do anything they put their mind too (including keeping their husbands in "check" kakakakaka)

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