Thursday, March 13, 2008

In 10 Years? (doing this only coz i got tagged)

10 years time eh.....eermmmm.You want details to the Lucas Scott life that i wanna have,fine lol.Lucas is more emo than "Tutor Girl" anyday ok.I have a separated family,a half brother i didn't know about,a freaking love triangle (not in real life seeing i can't be "charming" ask ashli she has experience on my "charm" *punches wall out of anger*).At least you'll have a good godparent hermm :D.Uncle Arif *imagines*

WOO HOO sure i got girlfriend already *wink wink* hahaha.

Schools to go to;
  1. Institut d'Études Politiques de Paris,Paris,France (the city of lights/love :P) or in english Science Po' (for my early years as a aspiring author)
  2. The University of Texas,Texas,United States Of America (good place since my dad's friend lives in Houston (i know that Texas is the biggest state so hopefully Austin and Houston is nearby ;O)
  3. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill,United States Of America (it'll rather be for jounalism once again OR to play college basketball aka ESPN baby)
  4. If all else fails (meaning grades,sports i'll have to go to University Malaya THE WORST/LAST RESORT!!!!!)

1st conclusion getting on a good publishing company for my book :P which i am currently working on (Alia will be 1st to read it JUST LIKE THE SHOW) give me a full on review exactly like simon cowell honest and blunt hahaha.I'll probably need to brush up on my reading/writing i mean maybe during this last period of the hols i'll go to Borders and get a stack :P.

2nd after my great moments playing for school.Pick up basketball as a hobby or if needed be a author/basketball player either way it'll be good.But don't worry my friends I won't remember who i am when I'm living my dream in the NBA.My nickname will be "Chinaman" as a tribute to Adam Hussain, "Macho" as a tribute to Farah Amalina or "Big Brother" as a tribute to "Tutor Girl" lol.

3rd last resort after wasting all my families/governments money become a Basketball Coach whether it might be school,college,national,international,or NBA :P since i have better tactics then "MVP" aka Kyle.

The thing is it doesn't matter what i do as long as I'm doing something i love whether it might be Journalism,Basketball,Music or Acting ;O (did i just consider that? haha) & I'll still be up to it if u need a political assistant hehehe or i'll be the leader for MCA same goes for Yudish at MIC.That's all i can think of now.DAMN IT i have no one to tag hahahaha.Thanks for giving me something to do Alia :D

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