Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Position In High School.Which One Are You?

Did you ever wonder how long it takes to change a life a measure of time is enough to be life altering is it like 4 years in high school or 1 year, nightly rock tour,can your life change in a month or a week or a single day, we're always in a hurry to grow up to get to places to get ahead but when your young one hour can change everything.

Like it or not, you are who your class mates see you as. But here's the good news, that's gonna change soon. Because pretty soon, you're going to be going out into that big wide world, and you can erase all those labels. Now, for some of you, shedding this image is going to be, uh, a great thing. And for some of you, not such a great thing. But what matters is that you know who you really are. And you know how you want the world to see you..

Let's Say There Are Five Universal Terms To Describe Everyone In High School.Lets Say
Jock,Prom Queen,Geek,Loner,and "Friendly" = Slut.Which One Are You and I??Decided For Yourself & For Me.This WILL Be Life Altering.Please leave Your answers on the comments.Thanks

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anwar02 said...

this IS life altering.
i am