Monday, September 8, 2008

BE A MAN and go into the womens clothing section :P || HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASH LI


That was the longest I've been at a shopping mall wandering aimlessly SERIOUSLY. We arrived at Mid Valley at 11.30 AM and left around 6 PM CRAZY MAN.Started off during the night before.Howie asked whether I got Ash anything I said nope and was thinking the same thing Howie was.WHY DON'T WE JOIN FORCES :D then we thought of who else to bring along.Swee, Hazim and Bryan came to mind, called each of them and only bryan answered his phone.He told us he'll tell us later (meaning during the morning lol).

We left our respective condos at different times (Bryan and Howie were there first.I was "kinda" late) Walked around without purpose , went into the "Machines" shop to see the GLORIOUS Macbook (black) checked the weight,whether it'll smudge and the "sharp" edges (which I heard from reviews) then if my memory serves me correctly Howie had to print something for Ash Li (YET to show us ==") continued by eating at MCD (yes I didn't fast yesterday and I won't blame it on me not sahur-ing unlike someone *rolls eyes* but yeah I didn't sahur)

Bryan dipped the nugget I gave him into his oreo mcflurry *puke* bloody idiot lol nvm he was kind enough to belanja for drinks and food (second round at the food court :P lalala) anyway MOOSE again had to do something (potong his hair at express cut via his FREE coupon :D) AND YES MOOSE is gonna uphold my request of making his hair like "Bart Simpson's" :D then we went to Topshop,Isetan,Vincci,F.O.S. , Robinsons, Banana Republic, Zara, Nike , Adidas , Metrojaya, Jusco and the rest I cant remember.

KEEP IN MIND to get to those places we had to walk and seeing that Isetan,Robinsons and Banana Republic IS AT GARDENS ==" what guys will do for girls sometimes.Howie was on the verge of trying girl's clothes after I said I'll join too to reduce the embarrassment.Sadly we weren't allowed to bring girls clothes into the mens changing room at Robinsons :( or actually a godsent :P since Bryan wouldn't be allowed to LHAO. Howie will be the "model" during future escapades hahaha.

Along the way (i can't remember in what order) we tried clothes at Robinsons :D , ate at the food court , drank fruit smoothies (resulting us to feel really cool at Metrojaya) , walked pass lingerie :D and chased each other around the mall.



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