Friday, May 30, 2008

Expectations, Dedication & Disappointment


Most of us hold on to one thing.... expectations.We expect our family,friends & life go be good to us but things don't always turn out the way we want them too.So now we fight to gain back our perspective and expectations of our loved ones.So don't stop if you fall rest a moment and comeback with a vengeance and your demon's will be stopped - A.O.L.

I'd used to think the world was easy to live in back when I was in my primary years... going around without a single care in the world.Chasing friends during recess,throwing ice at random people & making noise for the heck of it but I've grown out of that now.We put our entertainment and leisure time over time which could be put to much better use.


You'll win championships here... and if you don't but I see you playing the way you should play, I'll share one of mine with you.If you play the way you play and you dedicate yourself to doing it they will come.It's like that dreams if you build it they will come.You may have to put your arms around a couple guys and take them with you but you can't drag them you need to take them with you. - Bill Russell's wonderful words to Kevin Garnett.


We might not win every game nor will we lose every game but it's what we gain from the lost or the win.We gain respect by learning to lose as champions holding your head up everytime and not looking back to regret just put the pass behind you and make sure next time around everything you do will help your team. K.G.'s team was knocked out 6 consecutive times during the 1st round of the playoffs he also waited 13 years for a REAL chance to play with a great team to contest for the NBA playoffs he once said "Losing hurts,losing hurts.What Imma gonna do quit? Imma quit?Thats not even in my vocabulary" those words hung in my head and made me remember I have 2 more years to leave my mark on Hartamas we shall win a championship soon enough we just need teamwork and we're ready to take it to every single school out there.


anwar02 said...

goddammit for how long have i been referred to as fatboy slim?

Arif(The Unappreciated) said...

For a LONG LONG TIME already :D