Monday, May 5, 2008

Last Post????

LOL the title is just you get you bimbos (ladies 1st) and douche bags (guys) attention.Well monday blues? how bluesy? Quiet so considering..... lol.Well I'll elaborate more on the bluesy blues (< did that make sense? sorry excuse my blur-ness) Anyway assembly when on as I mentioned in the previous post.Wasn't much a bastard as i thought it would have been but still Monday's assemblies are always long and boring.Sang 'Negaraku' followed by the Wilayah Song followed up with SMKSH school song.After that,the weekly oath and prayers (Doa in translation) Had some BS on discipline which one of our students attended had another VERY LONG oath.Surprisingly headmistresses speech was short (theres a 1st time for everything yeah?).Moved on to class hoping Ustazah wouldn't come in but she did in the end.Gave us our marks and told us whats coming out for mid terms.Seni was usual copying notes for the up and coming exams.While going to recess ran into Ashli (our phones hate each other.I sms her at 9.30 she gets the message at 12 seriously WTF) both apologized for our dumb phones and I continued walking.Recess ended quickly, the "koperasi" didn't open so no just-tea for us.Sivik was a real bore.I obviously didn't finish the work (my book was at home) but still i "tried" my best to finish it (take notice of the double inverted commas) Science was just nothing practically teacher came in and out in a blink.Borrowed Jerry's home-etc project to show teacher I actually did something at home (i keep forgetting to bring mine lol)Then got a drink before getting out of school.Got home after a LONG LONG day and showered and changed,ate,slept (i think i deserve the nickname sleepy head now don't you think?) watched gossip girl (think it's the story that keeps me going) ate dinner,brushed my teeth and now I'm looking at the screen thinking what to write next. Oh yeah I HATE MY PHONE (coz sending texts to Ashli is damn slow.... status pending almost for 1/2 freaking hours) @ Ashli : hope you hate urs too lol.
Signing off I know you love me xoxo (reference from Gossip Girl HAHAHA I'm not gay btw)

Yours Faithfully,

Lonely Boy aka Arif Bin Omar Lee

Music-Whole discography from Jimmy Eat World

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