Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Holidays...... Was I Looking Forward To It or Wasn't I

Truth be told I have no idea if this holidays was something I was looking forward for..... maybe because I may or may not have needed a break from it all. Now I'm thinking I'd like an adventure who'd I take along with me;

  1. Yudishtra.Reason-obviously we all need a joker while on the road but if he'll come on time is another thing and his always saying he needs to get away from K.L.
  2. Mae Yin .Reason-only time I'll get to spend with her if she decides to go to Aussie :( she says its a good place mehh I'll go kacau her after I get my "book" published haha
  3. Howie THE MOOSE.Reason-he got his GPS tracker HAHA no la well see anytime his around it's considered an experience (example the Great Expedition) and he knows his stuff.
  4. Hazim Sazali.Reason- his Hazim Sazali (need i say more?)
  5. Qistina Shah.Reason- well I just want to show her why I'm suppose to be abang and she's suppose to be the adik :D (height difference,maturity,wisdom and wit)
I'll also need some basketball buddies along the way so what the heck :D

  1. Jerry Lim Der Yuit.Reason- someone I know can score at will haha.
  2. Fazlan Nizamuddin.Reason- good person at heart and another great player (which means Alia needs to tag along meh It'll be like the roadtrip to save Mouth aka Daniel O.O is he gonna be in trouble soon?)
  3. Keefe.Reason-even though his stone age his still a goodie at heart and "kinda" funny at times
  4. Nadhil Aqran.Reason-He needs the experience lol (yes Farah can come along too)

Any other people willing for an adventure do IM me :D

signing off.... Lonely Boy

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