Thursday, May 22, 2008

Hazed , In Pain & Mentally Drained

The past week's been tiring yeah not going through the motions of sleeping for the length of an 8 hour margin.Tuesday included being off finally from mid terms :P woot woot..... but still we had to finish up our projects.I wasn't in the mood to stay back on that day just didn't feel like it.Wednesday was the enjoyment to watch A,C & G get their jabs which I had on the following day.Since they couldn't partake in any tough activities only Hormat was left :D Had training on Wednesday..... it was hazing 101 for me.Obviously I can't make a lay up (properly according to Jerry) no doubt there but we all have our weaknesses.I make up with my outside shooting,hook shots and passing... unlike "someone" *rolls eyes*.Oh yeah haven't updated in quiet awhile (just noticed) Today's jab was misquoted as a numbing pain injection... didn't careless just got in the seat (I was 1st AHHA) gave the card without noticing it the nurse said the whole "big" ordeal was over.Just remembered Pn Sarinah ORDERED me to collect money for the ceriathon thingy which I think is a whole load of B.S. taking into account that we're not salesmen or community workers you can't be asking secondary school students to be doing this going from house to house to get "donations"

Moving on someone shocked me by staying up till 1 + am doing their project and later telling me they had otai burger -_- well theres a 1st time for everything and yes I admit I don't know EVERYTHING about you. In commemoration with teachers day 2morrow shall be filled with a "wonderful" amount of performances including a "band" (take notice of the inverted commas) Leh don't have the mood anymore signing off dear readers.

Yours Faithfully,

Arif Bin Omar Lee
Best In Singapore, JB & some say Batam :D
(PLEASE ignore the PCK reference I've been watching it a little too much and I'm becoming a whole lot of an Ah Beng recently)

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mae yin said...

the yours faithfully thing looks like you watch gossip girl too much.
hehehheheh :)
dont marah, its a joke, xD