Thursday, May 1, 2008

Eve Of Labour Day & The Actual Day Itself

Yesterday's events were a handful I shall say *thinking what happened* < LOL .... *after much thinking and flashbacks remembers what happened*

Started the day WITHOUT breakfast lol coz I thought that eezzuan would be going on his daily route to MCD but how very wrong I was haha.Me and Yudish complained about hunger the whole 1st part of school (before recess) < I'm not so sure whether it happened yesterday or on tuesday well wtv.... We had BM (stupid national language) but before that we had assembly (short one since it was Wednesday) then we had Cikgu Kamarul mention/remind our blank heads that we have to attend a "insightful" lecture on Islam.... they talked about all the nonsense "trying" to make us better Muslims examples are;

1) Listing out the famous people who converted or were born into Islam
2)The obvious DOOMSDAY < the result of global warming not some Big guy in the sky

Well I wasn't there (skipped with Alfin & Hazim) we were like spies trying to check corridors and other places for teachers before making a run for it after Montana got caught by Pn Sufidawati. We had our faithful gang (Swee Rong,Yudishtra and James) helped us "look out" for teachers we ran into Pn Faustina but don't think she noticed...lucky us. KH teacher lectured us on bringing our woodwork if not our parents will be informed (my reason is I'm very forgetful so I haven't brought it since).English teacher didn't come so we had free period which included (James jumping over various furniture) and me just bumming around :D. History teacher let us chill most of the time.Later changed into basketball attire according to Ash Li i was depressed... lol I was a tee bit annoyed but nothing really.3 pointers while she was there couldn't go in for some reason so she won the "competition" I had 5 she had 7 lol.We played half court game till like 2.20 then we all stopped then Ejay and Ash Li left seeing that their siblings finished classes.

Later after resting quite awhile that form 2 dude brought his friend (known as only 'number 6 dude') then we played full court.Keefe is now known as Stone Age (for his lack of movement on the court LOL) Swee played well had a few points and one great assist to me which I scored a 3 pointer :P.Tong 'solo-ed' most of the time.Jerry was his usual self but did a nice fake which made the 'Number 6 dude' go the wrong way :D lol.

After all the "exercise" I went home and waited for someone (suppose to SING lol) she didn't come online so I slept while listening to music.Subsequently, woke up to eat then skyped to discuss Today (May 1st) schedule which had to be changed coz Yudish's mom didn't allow him to go out instead stay home and study (don't blame her since Mid Terms are coming) Instead we shall have our "Makan Pizza & MCD Session" after Friday prayers tomorrow.


Woke up showered,ate,watched tv,blogged,went on the computer (this is what happens when I have nothing to do on the holiday) That's pretty much it so I'll sign off now my intellectual friends.

Music - Hear You Me (May Angels Lead You In) by J.E.W. < don't worry I'm not an anti-muslim or anything it's an inside joke J.E.W. stands for Jimmy Eat World :P

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